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Unleash your inner ADHD “Superpowers!”

Become Flexible

(vs Perfectionism)

Stop living an unlived life! As a certified life coach, I can help you unpeel the layers of confusion, frustration, pain, and the inner story you’ve been telling yourself that has prevented you from living the life you so desire.

Feel Empowered

(vs Procrastination)

Is your procrastination causing you to feel like your life is passing you by, with unfulfilled goals and dreams year after year? You’ll learn tips and tools and how to be empowered to TAKE CONTROL and FINALLY move forward with each of your fabulous goals and dreams!

Take Action

(vs Paralysis)

Does your brain know exactly what it needs to do to succeed, but your body refuses to cooperate? You’ll learn how to bridge the brain-body gap to become unstuck and MOVE FORWARD!


What’s Different about out CoreGenesis Global Inc.

When I was diagnosed as an adult, it was a shock – and a relief!

FINALLY, there was an explanation for my perfectionism, procrastination and paralysis …

Why I was typically late no matter how early I tried to leave …

Why my brain was always “buzzing” …

Why there seemed to be a disconnect between my brain and my body (I knew EXACTLY what I needed to do to succeed, but my body wouldn’t cooperate due to constant fatigue!).

But when I looked for support, all I heard was:

You’re not trying hard enough
You expect too much out of life
Your goals and dreams are “too big”
You’re making excuses

They were absolutely WRONG!!!

Here’s the thing: ADHD brains are wired differently – so, we need different strategies to leverage our strengths and talents!

I’ll coach you on how to unleash your inner ADHD “Superpowers!” so you live your BEST LIFE, instead of struggling with the constant negative loop of perfectionism, procrastination, paralysis, etc. This means you’ll GET THINGS DONE in a way that works for you, not against you!

“Farah provided me with clarity in a personal and professional change I was considering. Her guided and thought-provoking questions gave me insight that I would not have found otherwise.

Her coaching services are exceptional and transformative! I am a wholehearted advocate for her firm.”

— A. M., Non-Profit Director,
Young Adult (YA) Author & Mother of 5

Working with Farah was life changing! She is professional & well-trained; it shows in her coaching sessions. I developed goals in every aspect of my personal and professional life. She helped me put together a roadmap to work towards my dreams, & dig deep into myself to find ways to improve.

I feel listened to & supported every step of the way. She is detailed, friendly, knowledgeable & just an amazing human! I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to take their lives to the next level – whatever that may be!”

— S. R., Account Executive

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All Clients Can Expect the Following:


On-Demand Courses

Check out this list of on-demand digital courses based on your topic(s) of interest – on your schedule, at your pace!


Group Coaching

Learn and grow in a group setting with your peers, where you’ll receive real-time advice and guidance led by me as your Coach, based on topics of interest from the group. You’ll see fast results, with your fellow group members cheering you on!

One-on-One Coaching

For the ultimate VIP experience, you’ll work one-on-one with me as your Coach to develop your very own customized action plan based on your goals and dreams!

Guest Speaking

Looking for someone to speak on topics related to leadership development and / or ADHD in the workplace? Let’s talk!
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Meet Your Coach

Farah Jamil

I coach people to dig deep & unleash their inner “Super Leader!” and their inner ADHD “Superpowers!”