Executive Coaching & Consulting

Helping early- to mid-careerists be less passive & more proactive in their career / leadership goals

Be Proactive

(vs Reactive)

Are you tired of others dictating your career? Let’s develop your Leadership Map, you’re very own customized plan to take control of your own career / leadership journey. Remember: no one cares more about your career than you!

Be Valued

(vs Overlooked)

Are you working hard and putting in all those hours, yet not being valued or recognized? Let’s develop your Promotion Plan, where I’ll show you proven strategies to get noticed by the right leaders at the right time!

Be Confident

(vs Passive)

Are you tired of seeing others with less education and experience moving ahead of you? Attitude is everything! Let’s develop your Mindset Plan, where you’ll learn where your mindset is currently at and how to confidently move towards a growth mindset!

Here’s what I’ve learned the hard way:

It’s less about your educational background – and more about how well you advocate for yourself
(by being less passive and more proactive)

It’s less about whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert – and more about how you present yourself
(by balancing facts vs emotions)

It’s less about the job title – and more about how you can truly have a meaningful career
(by discovering and staying true to your core values)

I’ll coach you on how to unleash your inner “Super Leader!” so you become a STAR employee, instead of stumbling around and trying to figure things out the hard way (like I did!). This means you’ll GET TO YOUR GOALS FASTER than you ever thought possible!

We’ll do this all in a safe, supportive and FUN environment!


My Happy Clients!

Farah provided me with clarity in a personal and professional change I was considering.  Her guided and thought-provoking questions gave me insight that I would not have found otherwise.
Her coaching services are exceptional and transformative!  I am a wholehearted advocate for her firm.

— A. M.

Non-Profit Director, Young Adult (YA) Author & Mother Of  5

Farah has been invaluable in my search for my next career move.  She is friendly, responsive, insightful, and encouraging.  Her gentle and thought-provoking approach has helped me to sleuth out what I’m really passionate about, to clarify what I really want, and to strategize how best to realize my goals.

If you are looking for someone to confide in and learn from about yourself, your professional skills, your career aspirations, and your potential, then I strongly recommend Farah to you, without reservation!

— C. N.

Government Executive

Working with Farah was life changing!  She is professional and well trained; it shows in her coaching sessions.  I developed goals in every aspect of my personal and professional life.  She helped me put together a roadmap to work towards my dreams, and dig deep into myself to find ways to improve.
I feel listened to and supported every step of the way.  She is detailed, friendly, knowledgeable and just an amazing human!  I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to take their lives to the next level – whatever that may be!

— S. R.

Account Executive

Working with Farah as an Executive Coach is an eye opening experience.
I was FINALLY able to pinpoint my areas for growth and work towards my career goals!

— M. O.

Former Government Analyst Now Medical Student

Before my first coaching session with Farah, I did not really understand the purpose and value of Executive Coaching.  Coaching is most valuable in those times when you need to talk  through a question or situation in a safe space, and allows you to discover your own potential.
Farah’s expertise in Executive Coaching helped me feel empowered to make a major change in my career path!

— Dr. S. K.

Physician Leader

Farah is a gem!  She’s always willing to find time to connect, actively listen, and walk you through solutions.  Every conversation I have had with her has led me to solutions I am able to implement in my professional life.  Farah is spectacular and it’s very rare to find leaders today that will take the time to help you.

— S. K.

Hospital Fellow, Health Administration

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On-Demand Courses (coming soon!)

Check out this list of on-demand digital courses based on your topic(s) of interest – on your schedule, at your pace!


Group Coaching

Learn and grow in a group setting with your peers, where you’ll receive real-time advice and guidance led by me as your Coach, based on topics of interest from the group. You’ll see fast results, with your fellow group members cheering you on!

One-on-One Coaching

For the ultimate VIP experience, you’ll work one-on-one with me as your Coach to develop your very own customized action plan based on your goals and dreams!

Guest Speaking

Looking for someone to speak on topics related to leadership development and / or ADHD in the workplace? Let’s talk!
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Farah Jamil

As an Ivy League-educated Health Executive with 15+ years of leadership experience, an Executive Coach & an ADHD Coach, I help early- to mid-careerists be less passive & more proactive in their career / leadership goals.